Black Dagger Brotherhood



So, I’ve just find out about Josh Henderson’s existence. His left eye is green while his right one is blue. So, yes, he’s my Qhuinn from now on.

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This is actually how it goes


the accuracy. 

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JM & Beth having a talk between siblings 

The King - BDB by J.R:Ward

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(via brotherhoodconfessions)

John’s phone went off with a bing! and he tilted the screen so he could see it. “It’s Xhex.”
“So she made it there okay, too?”
“Yeah. He exhaled in a hard rush. This whole being-driven-in thing is ridiculous. I could make the trip in a heartbeat.”
“Yeah, but if you’re just a regular human, you’d come by car. Easier to keep the lie up, you know.”
“Even better, we could have scrapped this bullshit. He laughed a little. I’ll tell you, I’m sorry for whoever meets Xhex at the door. She was prepared to do a sweep of the entire hospital complex— and when she’s like that? You don’t want to tell her no.”
The respect shining in his eyes was a stinger. Considering the way Wrath had acted.
“Xhex is one lucky female,” Beth said roughly.
“It’s the other way around. Trust me— why are you looking like that?”
“Like what?”
He seemed to flush. “As if you’re going to cry.”
She batted away the concern.
“Allergies. I always get watery eyes this time of year. Maybe I’ll pick up some Claritin while we’re out tonight.”
“In December? Really?” …
.. Another tap on her arm. “You know, you can talk to me about anything.”
Beth swept her hair back … only to pull it forward over her shoulders again.
“Beth. Seriously.”
“How about we get through this with you and—”
“It’ll give me something else to think about, and I could use that right now.”
When she didn’t respond, he signed, “Come on, please. I’m worried about you.”
“You are a total love, you know that?”
“And you’re not talking, are you?”
… “You ever wish you could just get away sometimes?” she heard herself ask.
“Before Xhex came around? Sure. But now …”
God, to think Wrath was the one she wanted to bolt from. Never saw that coming.
“What’s going on, Beth.”
There was another long silence, during which she knew he was hoping she’d string some nouns and verbs together for his benefit.
“Oh, you know, just a marital moment.”
He shook his head. “Been there, done that. It sucks.”
“Too right.”
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